When I start manager I get the following error:

There is another Flopsar Database Manager running. You cannot run another Flopsar Database Manager using the same license.

This message means you are attempting to start a manager instance on a machine, which already has another manager instance running on. Either use another licence file or another machine.

Agent does not send any data to its database.

  • Make sure, your agent has a database set in your manager instance.
  • Verify that the agent has a configuration assigned.

All the above points can be verified by executing the command (please, refer to Managing Agents for details how to interpret the results):

$ fs2mgr get --target agents <manager_home>

If the agent has a configuration and database assigned, verify whether the agent can establish a TCP connection to the manager. You can check it using only the agent file by running it with the test command line argument:

$ java -Dflopsar.manager=MANAGER_IP:PORT -Dflopsar.home=AGENT_DIR -jar flopsar-agent-2.2.jar test

This command will attempt to connect to the specified manager server and wait for the response. If the connection cannot be established, verify your network configuration.

I see DROPPED in Parameters column in workstation

This means that instrumented JVM drops parameters due to memory pressure. Either, increase memory limits for your application or decrease instrumentation.

Manager stops periodically

I see the following message in the Manager log file:

[FATAL ][PID] Flopsar Manager cannot run any longer. No license IP lock found. Shutdown initiated.

manager creates a license lock file in /tmp directory. If this file is deleted, then manager stops. It occurs on Red Hat-like distributions usually. In order to prevent the operating system from deleting this file, you can create a file /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/flopsar.conf with the following contents:

x       /tmp/*.flp

Please, refer to tmpfiles.d (5) man page for details.